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Need a new home, investment property, commercial or business loans?

Organising finance for new purchases or professional expansion doesn’t have to be a headache. The team at ZASH Partners can offer professional advice to ensure you are able to choose a lending structure that matches your needs at the most competitive rates.
Getting the right loan is critical to your financial success. Let ZASH Partners guide you to make the choice that is best for you.


Thinking of buying a new house, investment property or restructuring your existing loan? Are you looking to upsize (or downsize) and you are unsure of the best loan option for you?
ZASH Partners offers a comprehensive suite of loan advisory services. In collaboration with our trading partners we are able to cater to all your lending needs whether you are an owner-occupier, first-home-buyer or investor. Our services cover lending opportunities with all the major banks and institutions. Get in touch now to see how we can help.
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Is it time for a new set of wheels for the family? Does your business need a new vehicle to assist with growth?
At Zash Partners, our efficient car loan process allows you to apply for a competitive interest rate loan with quick approval. Get on the road faster with our fixed-rate and variable-rate loans.
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Are you borrowing to get your business off the ground? Or are you borrowing to capitalize on unfulfilled growth?
Many small businesses find the process of organizing business lending to be daunting and complex. Let our professional team take the stress out of the way. Our team will meet with you to establish your needs and determine your organisation’s readiness-to-borrow before presenting you with a range of options to achieve your business goals.
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