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End of Financial Year is For Joy and Not Sorrows!

In today’s economic climate the only thing that is consistent is “Change”. Be it government policies, taxation law, competition or even your own circumstances. In times like these, individuals and businesses need a top quality advisor who can partner with them on an ongoing basis to ensure they stay on top of the financial game.

We offer services to the following taxpayer groups:

Our accountants are qualified professionals who are committed to offering you expert and personalised advice when it comes to annual tax return compliance. Our advisors work with you to ensure that you get the maximum tax refunds legally by ensuring that we account for all possible tax deductions and provide you with tax savings tip upfront. Please contact our office to make an appointment and start saving on tax now!

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We believe that effective and timely communication is one the key ingredients to building a successful business. Hence, the advisors at ZASH Partners believe in working with you throughout the year to ensure that we add-value to your business and keep you compliant with ATO, ASIC and other governing bodies. Whether it is a change in tax law or a major change in the industry we endeavour to provide you with the information first hand. Partner with us today and experience how we can add value to grow your business and assist you to gain financial freedom.

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Are your SMSF tax returns being lodged correctly? Be 100% sure your SMSF is ATO-compliant, audited correctly and not causing a big tax assessment that will sneak up on you later. Contact us today to see how we can add value to your live long savings.

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At ZASH Partners we assure you that tax time doesn’t ever have to be stressful; in fact, it should be beneficial for you. We request you to leave the hard work to us and trust that we will always make sure to get you a deduction for every legitimate claim on your tax return.

With years of experience within our team, it is no surprise that we have enabled businesses and high-wealth individuals to take charge of their tax compliance and share their joy upon completion. We offer a wide range of services from basic tax returns to corporate tax consulting and structuring. Our service is simple, quick and stress-free. In most cases, your tax document preparation can be completed in just one visit and at competitive rates or online. Get in touch with our customer service officer to get you the right consultant for your Individual, Business or SMSF Tax return.